Do you want to know how to quit smoking? According to the World Health Organisation, at least 4.2 million people die every year as a result of smoking. The number is expected to increase to around 10 million per by 2025 – 2030. Cigarettes ensnare people with their strong flavor and stimulating effects, but few realize that these joys are short-lived. Cigarettes are made of tobacco, which contains nicotine. Nicotine is an organic compound, which tends to physically and mentally stimulate humans when taken in small dosages. However, an overdose of this substance may lead to several complications. Nicotine addiction is hard to fight. Once a person is hooked onto cigarettes, he will find it hard to let go. We all know that the harmful effects of smoking are many. From simple respiratory disorders to more complex and lethal cases of heart diseases and cancer, quitting smoking is a life saving necessity.

how to quit smoking

Most smokers ask how to quit smoking? They claim to have tried several times and failed. May be they did not have the right guidance or most importantly they were not determined enough to quit smoking. It is very important to have a strong reason to quit smoking. It may be maintaining good health or making the family and loved ones happy by getting rid of this habit. Discovering a reason to quit will be the biggest motivation. It is very important to understand that people generally begin smoking just because it is a fad and colleagues or friends are doing it. It is necessary to convince yourself that there is nothing stylish about smoking especially if it is going to take a few years from your life. Here are the reasons to quit smoking:

  • Money – The money you spend on tobacco is another really good reasons to quit smoking. I don’t want to jump on a soapbox and preach to you; but if you want to quit smoking, remember this: your smoking habit may be hitting you in a place that it might hurt the most right now – your wallet.
  • Courtesy – Smoking cigarettes can often annoy others. You might think that it’s not really a good reason to quit smoking, because you can always go outside to smoke, right? So maybe you don’t think you need to quit smoking. But has it ever occurred to you that the smell of smoke reeks on you, even if you don’t have a lit cigarette in your hand?
  • Love – Think about the emotional pain that you would cause to yourself, and to your love ones, if you don’t quit smoking; and then you developed lung cancer. This is actually the best reason to quit smoking – your health.

Here are some tips on how to quit smoking:

  • Throw away all your smoking gear. From lighters to ashtrays, also those matches you have in stock in case your lighter decides to give. Get rid of everything that has anything to do with aiding your smoking habit.
  • Ask your smoker friends to avoid smoking around you. If your friends object to the idea, try to stay away from them for about a month. It is imperative that you do not linger near cigarette smokes because for most people quitting smoking is hard enough as is.
  • Stop buying cigarettes by the carton or have spares at home. Force yourself to buy a new pack every time you run out of cigarettes making smoking very inconvenient for yourself. Smokers tend to smoke more than usual when they know they have stocked extra cigarettes through the roof.
  • Skip the entire morning smoking session. Experience what happens when you don’t jump start your day with your nicotine fix. This is different from just holding out few hours without You’ll try to spend an entire morning without smoking a single cigarette. With enough patience on your part, by noon when you are about to finally light one up, you will notice a few things. First it’s the ups and downs of the craving. The withdrawal symptom is not constant and there will be long periods, a whole chunk of minutes that go by when you don’t really feel much craving. This was true for many former smokers I’ve interviewed and it was true for me as well. You have to try this in the morning because otherwise it’s no different from the method above. I encourage you to try this because many former smokers will attest to the fact that on your quit day, you have to make sure you start the day clean without a smoke. By the way, when you give up smoking for good, you will inevitably experience these mornings.
  • Try smoking fewer cigarettes than usual. For many smokers, holding out few hours without smoking can prove very difficult. Familiarize yourself with the sensation and understand how difficult it can be. I know what you are saying, “Why the practice run for the suffering”. Some smokers get very panicky when they first experience a serious withdrawal symptom. It’s much like dipping your toe in the pool before jumping in. You do not want to be discouraged to a point where you can’t even imagine yourself ever quitting smoking.
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